Decluttering & Organizing

A home that requires work says “DISCOUNT.”

Did you know a well organized, de-cluttered and clean home are one of the top three features buyers look for in a new house.  It tells a buyer if the property has been well cared for.  Ask yourself how would you react if you went to see a home for sale and saw that it was dirty, unorganized and cluttered? You would likely do one of two things.  The first would be to turn around and walk out the door.  The second would be to make an offer thousands of dollars below asking price because you know you will be spending that money, not to mention your time repairing it.

If you do NOTHING else, then do thisClean, clean and clean some more! Clean everything, dust your light bulbs and don’t forget your windows! A clean home speaks volumes to perspective buyers.

USE it or LOSE it!

Are you staying in your home but are overwhelmed with the clutter? Are your closets spilling over or do you have an office full of paper? Can you vacuum under your bed? Do you spend too much time looking for important documents or items? Have you started to stockpile items? Let Milne Well Dressed Homes guide you with an action plan on what to keep and what to give away and regain your peace of mind.

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