Frequently Asked Questions
How does a design project work?
  1. We begin with an in-home consultation where we gather and share ideas and discuss the budget for your project.
  2. We then begin the planning and sourcing to create your dream space.
  3. We walk you through the entire design project from start to finish helping you achieve that perfect space while staying on budget.
Why hire an interior decorator/designer?

An interior decorator has the skill set and knowledge needed to achieve the beautiful space you desire. Your project will be well planned and well executed, saving you quite a bit of money from the outset.

Will I have input in the design plan?

Of course. The exchange of ideas is critical to the success of the project. Your home should reflect your decorating style and our job is to help your pull it all together, bringing your vision to fruition.

Hiring an interior decorator is expensive.

An interior decorator can save you money. Many of our decorating contracts are the result of costly and unsightly mistakes caused mostly by Do-It-Yourself projects that have gone wrong and a professional is needed to fix it. A styling professional can help you make the best choices for your lifestyle and budget. Hiring an interior decorator from the outset will keep you on budget and help you achieve your vision without costly mistakes.

I have long term decorating plans but I don't have a lot of money right now, what can I do?

Every decorating project requires planning and budgeting. This does not mean you have to implement it all at once. Start with a consultation to get you on the right track. Your plan will be your roadmap. You will have a solid idea of costs and will be able to proceed at your own pace or hire help when you have the finances to proceed.

Hiring an interior decorator/designer is intimidating! I don't want you to see how we live!

We don’t judge. We know that making that call and taking the first step in making positive changes towards a well-organized and beautiful home can be difficult and we are always excited to be the ones to help with the solutions that will achieve these changes.

Can I stage my own home?

Absolutely and we highly recommend, at the very least, you clean, de-personalize and de-clutter your home. But if you want to sell your home quickly and for more money a home staging professional is the answer. Properly placed furniture, some updates and colour creates an impact that will have the home buyers wanting to move in.

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"Thank you for making our condo into a home. You are very giving and talented and I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have your guidance to follow. " – Lu S., Home Owner, Re-Design, MB